Drop in Single Class $20       4 Class Package $75 


Salsa With Juan has weekly classes for all levels.

Join us Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays for salsa dance classes

Tuesday classes will be taught from a Curriculum in a progressive month-long Series. You will learn something new each week. Each class is one hour long starting with the beginners class at 7pm, pre-intermediate at 8pm and intermediate/advanced at 9pm.

Wednesday classes are "Bring Your Own Partner" salsa classes which is good couples or for those who want to learn to dance with the same dance partner.

Social Thursday Salsa Dance Classes -  Fun, social and exciting classes to get you introduced to salsa dancing. NO PARTNER NEEDED. We will get your started with the salsa basics and equip you with the moves to hit the dance floor. You’ll be ready for the weekend!

Fridays Night Bachata Classes - In October only, we are hosting a highly requested 8 week LEVEL UP Bachata Series. Classes will be Fridays at 8pm.

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Beginning Salsa DAnce - Basics and Foundations- 7pm

We will teach you Basic Steps as well as timing, partnering and foundational moves that will put you on the road to success!

This is a progressive class and every week we you will learn something new to build on what you learned the week before. The series starts at the beginning of every month. You can drop in but its always best to start at the 1st Tuesday of the month….

If you missed the first Tuesday, try our Thursday 7pm Beginning classes instead and get all caught up! (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Thursday Night class description)

Pre-intermediate Salsa Dance - 8pm

This class builds upon the beginner salsa basics class and will take you further on your journey to salsa dancing.

Intermediate To ADVANCED- “Salsa Patterns”- 9pm

If you are a dancer that wants to move beyond the basic salsa patterns and grow as a dancer, this is the class for you.

Starting at the first Thursday of the each month, we start with a salsa pattern and we add to it each week to “stack” patterns. This allows you learn more complex patterns throughout the month, learn proper technique and take the moves to the dance floor.

 This class is great for leaders and followers.  By taking this class, you will learn to communicate through the language of salsa dance and dance with anyone!

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Great classes for couples to learn together.

(BYOP) Bring your own partner Wednesdays!

Beginners Class- BYOP (Bring your own partner)/ Couples salsa Dance Class- 7pm

This class is perfect for those that do not want to dance with other people other than the partner they bring to class. We always say, bring someone to class whom you really like because you will be with them the whole time! LOL 

Your partner does not have to be your spouse, but anyone you enjoy learning and dancing with. This class is different than our Tuesday and Thursday because on those days, we rotate partners throughout class.

BYOP Pre-Intermediate- 8pm

We review all the basics from Foundations and take you to the next level in salsa dancing together! You will have fun being able to dance to your favorite salsa songs together and in sync!


Thursday Night Salsa

A fun and exciting class to get you introduced to salsa dancing.

Drop-Ins Welcome.

Beginning Classes Start at 7pm & Intermediate at 8pm.


Thursday Salsa Dance classes:                

Introduction to Salsa - 7PM

A fun and social class to help you get started on your salsa dancing journey! We teach you the Basic Steps and foundational moves of salsa. Not only is this class great for beginners, but it can help those who need to review their salsa moves, improve connection and get better at their foundational salsa moves.

Many people choose to take Tuesdays and Thursday classes to help speed up their salsa dancing progress!

This class may also include mini-patterns to equip you with the moves to hit the dance floor. You’ll be ready for the weekend!


Intermediate To ADVANCED- “Salsa Patterns” 8PM

Learn a salsa patterns every week that incorporates the theme of the month (i.e. hand toss, hammerlocks, double spins, sweethearts).

This class is great for dancers who want to add more salsa dance patterns to their repertoire and get more creative and confident on the dance floor.

Both leaders and followers will improve their technique and learn how to dance continuously by stacking salsa dance patterns. By taking this class, you will learn to communicate through the language of salsa dance and dance with anyone!

Workshops - We are currently hosting workshops on Thursdays at 9pM and Fridays 8pm.