Bachata Choreography Classes - 8 Week Series

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Choreography & Patterns 12 Week Series (5).jpg

Bachata Choreography Classes - 8 Week Series

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8 Week Bachata Choreography Class Series will start on Friday October 4th from 8 to 9pm. Held on 8 consecutive Fridays (except Thanksgiving weekend)

You will learn a Bachata Choreography over the course of 8 weeks in this class. What you will learn will take you beyond the Bachata basics, teach you to put together patterns that flow naturally from one to the other and make your dancing much more spectacular!

The Bachata Choreography Class gives students a chance to move beyond the basic bachata moves, get creative and have fun on the dance floor. The Bachata Choreo Classes will give you plenty of material to dance a whole song anywhere you go dancing in the world!

With practice, you will gain confidence, knowledge, and a build a bigger repertoire of bachata patterns. And most importantly, you will have fun and be able to be more playful when you go out dancing! It’s a lot of fun when you can move beyond the basic steps and dance at a higher level.

This is a 8-week closed series and no drop-ins. It will not be possible to learn the choreography if you only drop-in.


You must know Bachata basics to enter this class. We have a 4 week Bachata workshop in September that can prepare you for this class if you do not know how to dance Bachata. You can learn about that course here:

Only 15 Followers and 15 Leaders will be allowed in the class. We will have an even number of followers and leaders so that everyone has a partner and we can dedicate attention to all students. First come, first served.

Note & Terms/Conditions:

* No drop-ins. No credits from other classes.


For questions, email us at

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You must know bachata basics, understand the timing and have some bachata experience for this class.

If you want to learn the basics, You can take the Bachata workshop in September which is 4 weeks long and will prepare you for the classes in October.

If you are uncertain of your level of skill, please email us at before you buy since there are no refunds.