Choreography & Patterns 12 Week Series

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Choreography & Patterns 12 Week Series (1).jpg
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Choreography & Patterns 12 Week Series


We are announcing a NEW Choreography Class & Pattern Workshop that is coming up February 7th!  It will be a 12 week class that will teach you choreographed dance moves to a song that you can use in social dancing. 

Keep in mind, this class is NOT for performance purposes; it is for you to learn and grow as a dancer. So, no pressure to perform! :)

What does the class entail?

Learning to dance to choreography helps you master salsa moves because you repeat patterns, learn musicality of salsa, and become confident dancing. Every week you will build upon the choreography with like-minded dancers who also want to take their dancing to the next level.

DO YOU EVER COME TO CLASS AND FORGET WHAT YOU DID THE PREVIOUS WEEK? Ah ha! What you need is practice and repetition! Learning a dance to choreography teaches you to master moves and YOU WILL HAVE FUN DOING it with your classmates! 


February 7th, Thursdays, 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

We are limiting the amount of people in this group and it is a 12 week class. The cost is $200 for the 12 week series  and it will be the BEST thing you could do to advance your dancing!  No refunds for missed sessions, but there will be exclusive access to video recordings of the class each week.

Note & Terms/Conditions: This is not part of the Thursday 8:00 pm Group Patterns Class, but a special 12-week patterns series.  No drop-ins.

No Refunds

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