Follower's Styling workshop!


Salsa with Juan, yes, Juan, Does Follower's styling!

The question that comes up is "Does Juan know styling?" The answer is "YES!" Juan has taught many followers not just "Styling", but, also the responsible usage of it. Yes, use styling responsibly and know when and how to use it - not just musically, but also in partnering. Although it is not our intent to put sex in the moves, you will look sexy because of the confidence in which you perform and carry yourself! Learn how to use your body to express your inner dancer - let it come out and appreciate and enjoy it! You'll be the better for it and more ways than Juan, lol!

This is a multi level class that will take the beginner, the intermediate, and the advanced dancer to a level of sophistication that will increase your confidence, will show you how wonderful a dancer you are, and you will look it!  The who, what, when, where, why, and how of Follower's Solo Styling! We will focus on footwork, body movement, and how to practice it!

Classes taught at Trilliant Studios, 130 Linden Street, Oakland, CA 94607. For more information, contact Jan at 510-205-1623 or


Turns and Spins Workshop

Let's get Dizzy with it!

It's getting, it's getting kinda dizzy, lol.

Well? what is the difference between a turn and a spin? Well, one has to do with a rotation in stages/ walking around which is a turn. a spin is a rotation that happens on one foot Only and happens all at once. Along with learning the technique of spinning, you will also learn techniques to help with dizziness: it's called, Tequila, lol.  just kidding, it's called spotting which You will learn first.  we call it, "finding your spot!"

Our goal with and for you, is to be able to learn how to do a double spin, and ideally will either learn to lead it well as a leader, or follow it well as a follower! Join us and let us surprise you as we unleash your ability to spin!

it will be money well spin-t, lol!