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Welcome to the Family!

Check out what the Bay Area's BEST Salsa dance instruction has to offer YOU!  Perfectly paced group classes, exclusive special events, fabulous cruises, unique workshops, and (really social) monthly Socials are just a part of what we do to develop your dance skills, encourage your social dance life and bring you the WORLD OF SALSA! Adults can learn REAL SKILLS at Salsa with Juan that you can take straight onto the dance floor here in the Bay or wherever you are in the world!   At Salsa with Juan we encourage dancing for fun, health, connection to music and to people.

Viva la Salsa!

Juan Gil says - "Welcome Home, Dancer" and we hope you will always be part of our dance Familia.


About our Salsa and Bachata Classes

We Love to Salsa AND Bachata Dance!  How about you?

Salsa Dancing is HOT! Known for its smooth moves, sultry clubs and set to vibrant and energetic Latin music, Salsa dancing remains one of the most popular social dances here in the Bay Area. Salsa with Juan has been teaching in East Bay for 11 years, for 7 years in Los Angeles as well as all over the world!  Whether you want to learn how to Salsa dance TONIGHT or take a progressive group class, Salsa with Juan has it all!

Check out our class schedule where you can find Beginner through Advanced level Curriculum classes, Social Track classes and our Specialty Workshops as well. We also offer sensuous a fun Bachata class which is now a standard at the Latin clubs.  Salsa dancers and anyone can try this popular and sensual dance - it's easy to get started!  Bachata classes explore different styles such as Dominican, Traditional and Moderna.

Our Beginning to Pre-Advanced Salsa dance classes are taught as progressive month-long series that meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. You will learn to dance the basics in one hour!  Every week, we briefly review what we’ve covered and add something new.  This repetition will support your learning & enhance your understanding of basic technique and rhythm.  You will learn foundation steps which develop into mini-patterns which become the building blocks for longer, more intricate patterns.


PATTERN JUNKIE 1 iis bound to be as HOT as Bridging class.  This class will offer a new Bridge-Level 2 Salsa pattern EVERY WEEK!  Great transition class for Bridgers and a fun challenge for Intermediate level students.  This class will build up Leaders FLOW-ABILITY and focus on followers FEELING rather than expectations.  What a whole new world! Offered at 9pm on Wednesdays.

ONLY AT SALSA WITH JUAN - Bridging the Salsa Dance Divide has become the hottest new Salsa class in the Bay Area!  This class focuses on Key Moves such as Hammerlocks, Wraps, Turns, or themes such as Footwork, Styling, Traveling around the floor.  Students learn several ways to get in and out of these Key Moves as well as some styling. This class helps students make a comfortable transition - into PATTERN JUNKIE 1.

Our classes are taught in a great space at our home studio on the edge of Jack London Square area.

No Partner Required! Classes are ongoing and we start a new series every month. Drop-ins are welcome any time!

Guest instructors may teach occasionally in any of Salsa with Juan's classes.


Let us know at the front desk if this is your first time visiting Salsa with Juan and your first class (first hour) will be FREE! If you decide to stay with us for the rest of the month we will make sure you get a great deal on remaining classes.

Salsa with Juan Salsa and Bachata Socials

Our popular monthly Salsa and Bachata Social happens almost every month. There is a Beginner AND Intermediate Salsa lesson at 8 pm taught by our SWJ Instructors OR guest instructors.  DANCING from 9pm until 1am!  We offer tasty snacks, refreshments, performances, great danceable music, friendly dancers and more!  The cost is only $15 at door or $10 after 9pm (no lesson). Children 12 and under enter FREE with guardian!

Our socials have gained a reputation for being a fun and supportive atmosphere where everyone gets to dance. Come on out, practice all you know, meet new dancers and DANCE!  DANCE HOSTS AND HOSTESSES will keep you on the floor all night long - so don't be shy - get your DANCE ON!

Held at a beautiful dance studio in Jack London Square Gateway area.  This studio is large with great hardwood floors and full length mirrors and has 2 rooms for dancing, a student lounge, deluxe bathrooms with showers, and a friendly ambiance.



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This Month's THEME for Pattern Classes

This month's THEME for our Bridging through Patterns classes (Bridging the Salsa Dance Divide, Salsa Level 2 and Salsa Level 2.5 and Intermediate Bachata) is


It's your chance to GO PLACES...though not too far away!  Traveling means using more of the floor space and changing slots.  Because Salsa is a slot dance we often get bored going back and forth only.  This month the students will learn to take advantage of the floor and take their partner around the room in unusual ways.  Traveling is not just for the Ballroom dancers, now it's your turn.  See you in class, Dancers!

Please make sure you have gone through Levels 1 and 1.5 and preferably Bridge class to join Level 2 or 2.5.  If you are unsure of your level please check with an instructor to be placed appropriately.

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